Thomas Fosse

Thomas Fosse

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Username * FosseCS2
Country * Norway
City Moss
Nationality Danish (born in Norway)


Availability: Freelance


I've spend most of my life learning the basic skill of drawing and compositions. No school just selfthaught experience.
My dream was to create quality comics and cartoons but ever since I bought Wacom Intuos 3 I've devloped my skills and mind even further.

I've got some of my artwork published in some norwegian magazines and hopefully you'll se my artwork in other magazines as well.

Like the weather change during the day so does the art. To be a successfull artist you have to be flexible and change your way of thinking along with the art.

Art is just like life. If you don't live it you might not get any further.


This is art that catches our Editor's eye.
To earn it, make great work, and start networking to get your work seen. Editor's Choice